Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Rut

It pains me that I haven't been able to share with you my lovely projects that I've been working on the last week or so. I jumped the gun on dangling them for you to anticipate. My bad! But its Friday and we have a rather exciting weekend coming up (I'm excited about it at least!) and I figure why not give you a sneak peak!

As I mentioned last week my goal this weekend was to get my file cabinet painted...

Well this is what I had to start with. Again, solid wood and $15 from CraigsList (love CraigsList). I've had it for over 2 years now and am finally getting to it.

Now another teaser for ya! My surprise project that I thought of Friday and was determined to make happen.

Ok so it's not my project but its my inspiration!

And guess what my exciting weekend entails!? WE"RE PAINTING!!! WooHoo!!!! Finally getting the guest rooms and our bedroom painted, we'll see once and for all if the darker grey is a yay or a nay in our bedroom. Either way it'll be that color cause at $30 a gallon we're not going back for a while! Quite excited! I'm also seeing The Hunger Games  Saturday night in an epic girls night. Can't wait. Loved the books, read them in a week, the last one cover to cover in a day. No big deal. Oh and we're going to a Sounders game tonight (Seattle's soccer team).

So now to recap my project to do's:
  1. Painting file cabinet : DONE (except for just finishing it)
  2. Painting bedrooms : THIS WEEKEND! 
  3. Build raised beds for garden : unfortunately, or I suppose fortunately for our foundations, my mother and grandmother had some brilliant insight when it came to this project. With how our house is situated and how the current lovely back yard is laid out landscaping wise the most logical placement of these raised beds would be along the house and along the garage. Well then comes the issue of water infiltration and its potential damage to our foundations of said buildings. Joy kill. Totally makes sense though. So I'm scaling back that project and going to start with a few potted gardens and go from there.
  4. Build an upholstered storage bench : still to do 

and I've added a few more things:
  1.  Pumpkin decorations (see inspiration below)
  2. clay bowls (see inspiration to right) 

What fun projects do you have coming up? Anyone seeing The Hunger Games this weekend?

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