Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Challenge you to a Duel!

Ok not really but could be fun right? Maybe? Speaking of duels, anyone see that Full Metal Jousting show on History? Only seen a total of maybe 5 minutes of it but, it's odd. Didn't realize that jousting still existed outside of the dinner theater show, which I thought was only in Vegas. Learn something new every day I guess!

So back to my original post purpose. Projects. I mentioned yesterday not only my obsession with Pinterest (you can follow me here: but my love of John and Sherry's blog and at this point I should mention another one by Katie Bower Well it just so happens that both John and Sherry, and Katie decided to join those three things together this week with their quarterly(?) edition of a Pinterest Challenge!!!!! There are many many many....many things (according to my latest count 368 things to be exact) that I pined in anticipation that I might actually do it one day, whether it be a recipe, a project, a house inspiration idea, or starting a garden. Or this that's just funny....
I am quite proud of myself that I have actually done a few, obviously the cork letters from yesterday, a small framing project:
which I did slightly differently but same idea. I didn't use the rosettes, used a thicker frame, used scrapbook stickers to spell out "i love you because..." in the upper left corner and added a picture of the guy and myself. So in other words totally different :-).

Since I will be visiting the hometown this weekend I won't have the chance to do any projects before Katie and Sherry will be sharing them on their blogs this next Wednesday. But what I can do is share a few projects that I mentioned yesterday that are on my list of TO DO's...the never ending list I might add.
  1. Painting my file cabinet. Its a nice solid wood 2 drawer piece, bought off craigslist for $15 close to 2 years ago...been sitting waiting to be painted ever since. Yeah I'm that good. Since my guy will be out of town next weekend I'm hoping to knock it out then. 
  2. Painting bedrooms. See more below.
  3. Build raised beds to then start a garden in. The one of the (sarcastic) joys of having a dog is that she doesn't care what she runs on. If I don't build my garden up Molly will just trample everything.
  4. Build an upholstered storage bench. 
So. Painting the bedrooms. When we bought our house we were fortunate that the bulk of it came painted and in colors that we generally liked. There is a red accent wall that I will probably get to at a later date, but it's livable as is. That being said the bedrooms were another matter, the previous owners had a girl and a boy. Therefore had a pink room and a blue room. Fantastic if we had children. Not so fantastic that we don't have children. And hate the color pink. Then the "master bedroom" was a taupe-ish color. Sick of taupe. So off to Home Depot we went.

Question: does anyone else have a guy who whines that he doesn't have any say in the decorating of the house but then when said guy is given the chance to help  make decisions/have a say it goes one of two ways: a) its like pulling teeth, or b) the suggestions are jokingly way out in far left field. Case in point:

Kalin: "So what colors do you think for the guest bedrooms?"
Michael: "Black!"

Gotta love him though. After pulling some teeth we came out of Home Depot quite a bit poorer and a few bags of painting supplies heavier. The final verdict on the guest rooms is a light/minty green "Rejuvination" paint and primer by Behr Paint and I can't remember the name of our bedroom paint but my inspiration came from this:
In a few weeks there will be an entire bedroom painting post with  more details on everything. This post is a little more about my nervousness about such a dark color in such a small room. Our bedroom is unfortunately in no way a master suite, its just the larger of the three small bedrooms in the house and I've had concerned feedback that painting a smaller room a darker color will make it look smaller. We shall see I guess! Cause at $30 a gallon we're not trying to paint 4 different times...please give me hope the nay-sayers are wrong!

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