Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is Here!

Phew, long week. And *happy dance* spring FINALLY feels like it has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! Now unfortunately spring doesn't equate to me getting projects done...apparently my winter hibernation gave me more motivation. That's not to say exciting things haven't been happening in our little house hold.

For one, I'm finding out what our yard holds!

One downside of moving in at the beginning of fall is that most of the plants we have in our yard were starting to close up shop for the winter. The trees and decorative grasses were still beautiful but obviously none of the spring flowers. So the last week or so has been a wonderful discovery of the flowers in our yard!

Try and find the daffodil!
Which of course means yard work. One thing I swore up and down I would never do, Michael wanted the yard he could take care of it. I was perfectly fine living in my townhouse never ever having to pull a weed again. Don't get me wrong, I love nature, I love the beauty of it and the homey feel it gives me. But weeding. Loathsome.

Our front yard when we moved in in September 2011
Until now...(mother cover your eyes!) curse my mother being right. Yet again. I'm actually taking pride in our yard. We did have the luxury of moving into our house and the yard was beautifully landscaped already so the two brown thumbs that Michael and I are didn't have to actually put any effort into creating our yard. We do however have to maintain it. But last week I came home and with Molly out in the yard voluntarily started weeding. What is happening to me?!

Whatever it is, I can't say that I like it one bit!

Sunday was Easter, my family isn't exactly in any realm religious but we do enjoy the excuse to get together for holidays. And guess what? It was my first time hosting the family get together! Yay! Granted it was a minor one, not Thanksgiving or anything but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It helped that it was a completely gorgeous day out so we spent most of our time in the back yard. (Stay tuned later today or tomorrow for my Easter Brunch Menu).

How are you making the most of the first weeks of spring? Do anything exciting and new for Easter? 

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