Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Furry Love

Our little family is growing!

After getting Molly in October we've been wanting to get a second dog, for her to play with and wear her down mainly :-). Slightly selfish? Probably. But this girl will not leave our side. Not saying that's necessarily a bad trait in a four legged friend (one reason we clicked with her is because she seemed so into us when we met her) but when it gets to the point of separation anxiety (five pairs of my favorite shoes, a chapstick, two pens and a sharpie have been casualties) and during painting weekend we put her out in the (fully fenced) back yard she sat at the back door and whined for us we started talking about it again.

Ideally we would have waited until we had Molly a year if not more, so she could become even more settled into her home and her routines etc. But when Michael started showing me pictures of Rottweiler puppies unfortunately all bets were off. I started researching the breed and talked with numerous friends who had puppies while working full time, who had multiple dogs and with breeders. I generally have a hard time not adopting animals. There are so many that need good loving homes and it breaks my heart not giving them one. But after much deliberation we realized that getting a puppy was the best idea for not only the puppy but also Molly.  They could grow up together, Molly had puppies before we got her so I figured she'd be at least somewhat mothering, and Molly wouldn't have to handle a grown dog with their own issues/personality suddenly invading her space.

So last Saturday we brought home Ruger! 

This precious little 8 week old love! And after the first night him and Molly get along swimmingly! He's teething so literally follows Molly around the house gnawing on her legs and tail. So cute.

He's growing like a weed! Already so much bigger than when we got him a week ago. His dad was about 130 pound so we're looking at a big dog!

Such a doll! We're working on crate training him, it's a process for sure. But he is getting better than the fist couple nights thankfully. We just adore him and can't wait for him to get bigger so not only does he not have accidents in the house (the joys of potty training!) but him and Molly can really wrestle and wear each other down.

Do you have any pet stories? Any recent additions to your family? Dream pets for one day?

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