Friday, April 27, 2012

Growth Spurts

Since I didn't cook last night and I'm totally failing at the home DIY projects (or really just putting them off) I figured I'll share some photos of our growing boy, Ruger. Plus it's Friday so who doesn't love pictures of cute puppies!

This week Ruger is 11 weeks old, crazy we've already almost had him for a month, I can't imagine our lives without him! Ok maybe I can but we're definitely glad we got him. Not only is he a sweet puppy but he helps wear Molly out, gives her a companion to play with and honestly I feel has done at least a little bit to lower her hyper levels and her intense focus on us. Not that we don't want her to enjoy us! But she would want to be so close to us she would try and climb in our laps the second we sat down. At 50 pounds she's not a lap dog, no matter how hard she wants to be!

 He does really well in the car so far, I hate that I can't fit crates in my car but I can't. A Jeep or Subaru are definitely in my dreams!

Our house is a wreck, with focusing on potty training other forms of cleaning have gone down the priority list. It doesn't help that two of his and Molly's toys are stuffed animals and branches/twigs. Michael for some reason thought it would be a good idea to let them bring one into the house. Now no matter how many tufts of fuzz or little splinters of wood I pick up they reappear.

Somehow this is comfortable. One of his favorite sleeping spots is on the hardwood floor. Not precisely sure why.

My Molly love isn't so giving in the photograph department. She rarely cooperates with me. 

Happy Friday! Any  fun plans this weekend?

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